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Here We Go Again

Operation Ivy

*it's not the ending
its the beginning
the ground is moist and it rained last night
smells like smoke and it smells so clean
the sun is shining down like a freindly white light
here we go again
analyzed the world I was born into
but I could never understand
knew I never wanted to grow up if that meant being a "man"
dominating strict competition is the meaning of our lives
stomping on the weak keeps us the winner of the battle in ourminds
tensions in our lives that are attacking our minds
unite themselves together to make our conciousness blind
conditioned to self-interest with emotions locked away
if that's what they call normal i'd rather be insane
relax yourself from giving what you want to do with your life
ease up from giving up things like control of yr own mind
if you never ask any question
then you're never gonna get no answer
always be wondering what do you want
while you keep getting older faster
here we go again
another test of manhood just when you thought youd won
the more we keep competing
the more the battle has just begun

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