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Don't Give Me That

Os Paralamas do Sucesso

Don't give me that
Don't give me no coke, no crack
You've ever heard about Richard Pryor
The greatest comedian in America
He is full of petrol
He is full of women
In Californian he is a big actor
One morning I read in the papers
The great Richard Pryor, he catch fire
He was in a big house and tried
It never worked right
It blew in his face
It all went wrong
I fell sorry for him
He was burnt up and down
He was fried like a chicken
Cocaine, money messing
With people and brains
You put it in your nose
And it makes you go lame
It makes you walk naked
In the pouring rain
And lets you go crazy
To the cross of the trains

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Written by: Bi Ribeiro / Herbert Vianna / Peter Clarke. Isn't this right? Let us know.