I'm a rat in a trap and that's that
I'm the monkey on your back
I wanna go home 'cause I'm feeling alone
And everyone's looking down at their phones
Can you tell me what the fuck happened
In the years that had passed that I spent napping?
It happens and you can't subtract them

I never party but somehow I'm always at them late
And I'm gonna get drunk fast and withhold my name
And then I'll walk right past the doorway
I came in the room you felt alone in
Another Irish goodbye, another social sin

Introverted like this
Then you're on the verge of a break, an anxiety crisis
But you didn't seem too silent
Kind of alive so I figured that you'd be alright
And I made a break to another room
There was a mess of the stuff, they needed another vacuum
I never felt so cheap
I always felt so used now I feel so weak and late

And I got drunk fast and withheld my name
I tried to walk right past the room that you were in
The room I fell in love in
Another tragic hello, another beginning
And I know what they say: You gotta keep yourself protected
Like love's just a selfish game where I always let them win

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