This is a place of disaffection
Hear 1 million discordant hollow words.

Futile, one by one, all waiting for extermination
though striving their way up to a world beyond limits

Ultra folly empty dreams
machine-made by nonsense

Are you the one to carry the enlighted torch?
Draped and blindfolded, moving on in your battle.

I am the poet of this depraved place - paraphrasing this superficial era - and i welcome you to a world of pity.

A place of mass hysteria.

Where the cult of the individual has been replaced by the cult of the greatest common divider.

This former tyrant, murdered in his nature, by the stinking waste, sliding from the massive paramounts.

Iconising - Idolising
Where is sincerity? Where is honour?

But then the unclean spirits went out, and entered the swine. And the herd ran violently…

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