Black world total chaos!

An arctic creature suffering from delusions of grandeur
Purging your mind of all the natural decencies

Total devastation
Misanthrope creation

A population of slaves ruled by an all-powerful executive
Cast in irons, locked in chains, lusting after hellish games
Propaganda, a major instrument of social stability
Vulgar exploitation of mind, body and soul
Wipe out confusion, centralise world power
Make them love their servitude, mass deportation

Total devastation
Misanthrope creation

War on!
The storm has broken!
Our mouths aren't silent anymore

Universal chaos, conscious goal of our revolution
Destructive madness, we are the apostles of human evolution

Fight back - against appearances and power
Fight back - against what they impose on you
Fight back - with a firm voice

We will not serve
That in which we no longer believe
Whether it call itself our home, our fatherland, our church

And we will try to express ourselves
In some mode of life or art as freely as we can
And we will try to use
For our defence the only arms
We allow ourselves to use

Silence, exile, cunning

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