Bestial Sinful Dances


Thesis - Malleus Maleficarum
Sickening on lazy peace. A corrupt species, crawling cowardly - crawling compromise.

Values of decadence prevailing under the holiest - the holiest of all names.

Clinking the censer in monotonous rhythms.
Servants - iron collars - neckbound - chained and crusified.

Murmuring words of lead us not into temptation.
O what a great phantasmal mirth.

Holy father - adulating your throne - prime agent in promotion of decandence.

You, a prodigy? An emissary of progress?

Calling pity a virtue ?
Making life worth of denial !

To destroy - To destroy us with fire and sword.
Nothing but black shadows of disease and starvation.

Driven away from the devil of violence, from the devil of greed, the devil of hot desire.

Monstrous - intolerable to thought, odious to the soul.

To destroy us with fire and sword.
Streams of death in life.

After all, i was also a part of this great cause of these high and just proceedings. Argh, an eerie thought.

Antithesis - De Libero Arbitrio.
Rather live the ice and among north-winds than among modern virtues. Hailing the higher - a rennaissance - type of men.

Wage a war to death (against christianity and the modern World)…

Bestial Sinful Dances
Round and round the fire
Through the Hellish flames
Solemn and in laughter

Hunting for power, pursuing darkness.
Thirsting for lightnings, sin and great deads.
Fullfilling my hunger of all the hate I crave.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of thy law. An absolute pure spirit. Am I not right, holy guardian angel?

Judas, come dance with me.
Phropets of a new aeon,
Our fatum - the storing - up of powers.

Bearing the sword and often the torch.

Blood we will gather, bones will be.

And raise an utter savage,
'men' will be his name.

Hail … to our newborn aeon.

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