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Ashes In The Wind


I climbed the highest mountains
I have crossed the seven seas
I watched a soldier dying
I've seen the killing fields

I have held the hand of devils
But I let them pass me by
'cause I have found what's true to me
I found it deep inside

And now I fly in the sky, flying high
Like a bird without a home, I belong to me alone
You're asking me
Where do I go? I don't know
In the end we're all the same
What remains of the game
Are ashes in the wind

I once had gold and silver
But I lost it long ago
Today my fortune lies in something
Noone ever bought

I don't need a house with swimming pool
Don't need a diomand ring
Got enough to make a living
And the rest don't mean a thing 'cause I can fly

Fly in the sky, flying high ...

Comes a day, skies are sad and grey
I won't hide away my frustration
Grab my things, spread my pair of wings
Leave the troubles on the ground
I won't come down

There once was a rich man
Had more than he could spend
He died of fear of losing it
It was no happy end

There once was a sailor
His whole life on the sea
He lived and he was happier
Than you could ever be, living free

Fly in the sky, flying high ...

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