It's sure lonely around here ever since Ren got his pectoral implants and
went to Hollywood.

I've never asked for anything just your happiness
And now that you have found it I should be glad, I guess
But I've played in my littler box as long as I can
And I would give most anything just to hear, "What is it man?"
I know you've got your pecs now and gone on to bigger things
But before you go and flex now there's a cat at home who sings
That each and ever day and night he misses his best friend
And I only need to see you once to make this feeling end

No matter where you go, no matter what you do
Remember there's a little bit of Stimpy's butt in you
And just once when you strike a pose could you think of me?
'Cause when I scratch my rear I think of how it used to be
The house is much too quiet now that I don't hear your voice
And you know that I'd be with you if I only had my choice
But I know I will smile again when I see your name in lights
And when they talk about you I'll tell them
That I knew you when you were just Ren

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