REN: Cousin Sven, he's here. Cousin, come on in. Say something intelligent.
SVEN: Dah, he is Ollie, you are Sven. He is Ollie, you are Sven. Ah, duh,
you are my new friend. I share mit you.
STIMPY: Say, what's that?
SVEN: It's my yar of spit. I've been saving it since I was a child.
STIMPY: You save your spit? Wait here, I wanna show you something. Look
it's my magic nose goblins.
SVEN: Yiminy!
STIMPY: I picked them myself.
SVEN: Yah, und I finally get a good look at them.
SVEN & STIMPY: Hee hee hee hee
SVEN: One-six-yerteen-eight What's that?
STIMPY: Duh, it's my first material possession.
SVEN: Willikers! Eets so big!
STIMPY: I know.
SVEN: You want to see mine?
STIMPY: O.K.-wow!
SVEN & STIMPY: (Scream)
SVEN: Stimpy, I love this.

STIMPY: Ahh, I hate rainy days.
SVEN: Yaaa, undt me too.
STIMPY: I know. Let's play a game. Hmmm. Let's see...There's Scribble and
Gamey and Monotony and Pure Cheesy and Misery Date.
SVEN: These are boring games.
SVEN: Yoy!
STIMPY & SVEN: It's the funniest game in the whole wide world. "Don't Whiz
on the Electric Fence."

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