Aliens (Christmas 1988)


They came down 1988:
Thousand spacecraft like petals on the earth,
And they had big eyes,
And they watched like spies
Till they found someone who no one would believe.
There you were in your underwear,
All alone drawing comics for your church.
And we took you up, and we put you under:
Placed you on a table for observation.

Give me a deep kiss, I am longing for distraction.
Let me touch your tits, and keep you occupied.
If this comes as some surprise, I am an Alien.
To observe you I must keep you stoned.

There you lie with your doped up eyes.
Staring past the one who could love you like a Christ.
You see, that's just the way that it is up here,
But I cannot meddle, I will not interfere.

Meet me in the park some time after the night comes.
You will see a star that shines like silver,
Smells like gold.
Follow it through fields and hills and to the landing pad.
You will giver birth to an alien like me.


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