California Dreamline


California dreamline.
Surfing on the big wave... It's quiet underwater.
As high as high can swing to... Carbonated tide pools.
It's quiet underwater.

Questionable things like:
1. Dolphins helping people to swim.
2. Everthing peculiar to me.
3. The people living under the sea
(alone with their heartbeats; in love with each other).

Disillusioned porpoise... playing with the tourists
drinking beer and coffee...oooooooooooooooo
Sand in my tequila... Senza scarpe.
Me and my friend Pablo... walk the beach... incognito;

..and don't say that we've got nothing to hide
'cause the law's got a rap on me... and there isn't
a gun in Escondito.
..but I feel like I'm swimming and things will work out anyway.

All the naked ladies... covered up by nothing.
spooning in the dry sand.
The sand that gets in everything.
While men are pum-pum-ping iron.
Pom-pom-pom-pom-ping Aarron.
Sitting on the big fault

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