Earth/Monstrous Hummingbird



The Earth was born from a little box.
You ripped the lid right off the top.
You couldn't wait to collect your prize,
Only now you realize...
Back in the days when the water ruled,
We were cleaner and better schooled,
Till the ghost of Christmas past
Turned the blue into a skating... pool.

We were brave so we put on blades,
Charted out across the frozen waves
To the coast of Africa.
We found the race who invented shopping.
But soon the world was a smaller slice.
We left the fish to their own devices.
We were dumb, we took the bait.
But we were smart enough not to sit and wait for...

First came the wheel, then the ball of fire,
The cigarette, and the radial tire.
But it was cold everywhere we'd go.
We drove a log car through the blinding snow.
We met the King and we helped his serfs,
Eating trifle in Hawaiian shirts.
And they would learn to speak their minds, but
They'd learn to drown us in their blood-red... wine.

Some started papers and printed books
That told the story of a little schnook
Who was the star of Bethlehem,
Who made his mark at Budokan...
Pretty soon he was all the rage.
I tried to get them to turn the page,
To worry less what was in their trousers,
And to worry more about their fleeting... powers.


Now it's time that I close my eyes.
I'll sail away and photosynthesize.
I'll dream of you in the starry surf,
And I'll dream about a place I knew called...


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