Let Mama Feed Ya


BURRS: Where the fuck is she? Off with that goddamn rich kid you brought over here!

KATE: Shush now, Burrs. Let mama feed ya!

BURRS: They been gone too long. Something's up, I can feel it.

KATE: Something WAS up, until you got all preoccupied and stopped petting my kitty.

BURRS: Gimme a break, will ya, Kate? Thanks to you, I got a goddamn situation on my hands!

KATE: Shhh, you have nothing to worry about. So what if they're having a lil' fun off by themselves? We're having fun over here, aren't we?

BURRS: Yeah, but that's different. I don't like that guy. Pompous little prick.

KATE (under her breath): Nothing little about his prick.

BURRS: What was that?

KATE: Nothing, baby. Here, take a sippa my drink.

BURRS: No, I-I gotta go.

KATE: Burrs! What about my kitty?!

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