QUEENIE: Burrsie? Burrrrrrsie? Get me a cuppa coffee, baby.

BURRS: Get it yourself, you lazy slut.

QUEENIE: What'd you call me?

BURRS: A lazy slut!

QUEENIE: Call me a slut again, fuckface! I fucking dare you!

BURRS: Put the fucking knife down, you goddamn crazy bitch! (Starts to laugh) Alright. Alright, Queenie. You fucking win. I give up. Just put the knife down, okay?

QUEENIE: The fuck I will! I should fucking kill ya, you ugly old alcoholic piece of shit! And the next time you call me a lazy slut, I'll cut your fucking balls off and feed 'em to you for breakfast!

BURRS (still laughing): Whatever you say, baby. Whatever you say. Listen, lemme make it up to you, alright? What'll make ya happy? I'll do anything, baby.

QUEENIE: Anything?

BURRS: Anything, sweetheart. You name it.

QUEENIE: I wanna throw a party.

BURRS: A party? Here?

QUEENIE: That's what I said, you stupid piece of fuck. A party. Here. Tonight.

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