Fighting In The Trenches


BURRS: I can't believe we're out of booze! Buncha fucking alcoholics!

JACKIE: You didn't say it was BYOB, asshole. C'mere Phil.

OSCAR: You're kissing Jackie?! You slutty little bitch!

PHIL: So what if I am?

OSCAR: Jackie fucks anything that moves! Oh Phil, how could you?

PHIL: There, there. It's just a kiss.

OSCAR: Don't you dare touch me! I'd rather be killed!

PHIL: Why are you so upset? It didn't mean anything!

OSCAR: Nothing means anything to you! Oh God, Phil, you really make me sick!

PHIL: Well go to hell, then, ya big baby!

OSCAR: Just because I was born ten seconds after you doesn't mean you can call me a baby! I'll kill you, you fucking bitch!

WINSTON: My family has been kept awake by your shenanigans all night! Clean those sissies up off of the floor, and shut down this party immediately!


WINSTON: I didn't fight in the trenches so filthy, disgusting reprobates like you could have fun!

PARTY GUESTS: Hey! Take it easy, buddy!

WINSTON: If you do not behave yourselves, I will be forced to inform the authorities!

PARTY GUESTS: Why? 'Cause you have a thing for men in uniform?

WINSTON: You have been warned, by Jove!

PARTY GUESTS: So have you, asshole!

BURRS: Hey! Let's go over there and kick his ass! Right in front of his goddamned kids!

EGGS: No. No no no, Burrs. Take it easy!

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