I gave you my heart
To have and to hold
You warmed it at first
Then you dropped it cold
Now you want to be friends
Oh isn't that sweet
Well maybe I can
But first you'll have to go on a retreat

Not the kind of a vacation for relaxing in the shade
I'm talking 'bout a guilt trip all expenses paid

Leave your problems far behind, take mine along instead
It's what you deserve 'cause you've been playing with my head
Pack your suitcase full of sorrow and lock yourself inside
You won't feel any better but I'll be satisfied

You ruined my life
Deciding to leave
But you're gonna suffer
If I'm gonna grieve
Now you like to travel
You like being alone
Well here's a little trip
You can take all by your little self at home

Not the kind of a vacation where you lay out in the sun
I'm talking 'bout a guilt trip - misery for one


I do not want to see you smiling
You're not supposed to have a good time
You shouldn't think about your feelings
You should only be concerned with mine


Not the kind of a vacation that you take to just unwind
I'm talking 'bout a guilt trip, leave your camera behind

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