I saw (At least I think I saw) your new boyfriend
He seems like a jerk
He only said a word or two
But I think I saw a smirk on his face
When I stopped by your place
To say goodbye
And now I really don't know why I bothered

'Cause I'm no good for you
Or maybe nobody's good enough for me

My friends (Each time I see my friends) still remind me
Whether I like it or not
Of all the stupid things you do
As if I have forgotten your ways
And your passionate plays
You gave me everything
I think it was the wedding ring that scared me

I hope (It is my fondest hope) maybe some day
We will talk again
And all will be forgiven
And we will both be friends and we'll laugh
At mistakes in the past
'Cause we will know
That we were right in letting go of each other

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