It's not a simple case of breaking up
One chapter's closed, another has begun
Now I try to learn to call you my ex-lover
But how do you ex-love someone?

Are you a friend or foe or just a ghost?
I see the hurt so deep within your eyes
But the love runs deep as the river of our sorrow
With currents just as strong as family ties

All the men I've ever loved
Remain a part of me for good
I can't let them go completely
Even when my heart knows I should

Don't think it's easy for me
To watch our hopes turn to shattered dreams
It takes time to sincerely say goodbye
And it takes time for dreams to die

But I won't forget the way you held me tight
Not even if we're ever far apart
And the love we lost will in time be rediscovered
In another corner of the heart

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