The leaves they now have fallen
They float upon the breeze
Here to give a wink and say goodbye
And the spring has stopped its calling
The summer said its peace
And I am left to watch creation die
And I'm breathing out and breathing in

And everything around me it is passing away
Dust to dust 'til nothing will remain
Here we are and You are always the same

All the treasures I have guarded
With bars around my heart
That held me for the ransom of control
'Til the Maker struck a bargain
That tore the veil apart
And sewed it to the fabric of my soul
And I'm here to live and here to die
So I'll try


And here You do surround me in an interesting way
With beauty that has never seen its match
It is fading
It is so dimly seen
It's a picture of You that will someday expire
With a word of Your mouth and a glorious fire


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