I can still remember when all was fine
But the pleasure of the moment it cannot stop time
But I remember endless acres and the cold Kansas wind
Deep plowed under furrows so soon to grow again

The yellow of the wheat field and the greenness of the grass
My memories clip the blue sky like a glimmer of the past
If I could just go back there in time much more than space
To hear my mother's laughter and to touch my father's face

It seems like a lot to me, what 30 years have shown
How nothing lasts forever, and love is all we own
It seems like a lot to me, what 30 years have shown
Put it all together, and love is all we own

There it all was simple with little to regret
No promises were broken and the dew was wet
If I could just be young again, skip rocks across the lake
Grab lightnin' bugs while the sun goes down and keep my friends awake

Sunsets by the barnyard and the dark means day is done
But the night won't last much longer than it took to hide the sun
When I feel like I'm trapped here and I cannot find the past
Well it almost takes me back there just to hear my family laugh


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