Verse 1

You send me many places
That I do not wish to go
Well I've hads my doubts.
You know I believe it's right
From the red brick streets of Manhattan,
To the Gulf of Mexico
I will say it out loud,
And I will sing it with all of my might


Well it's one great big universe
And He's teaching my heart how to fly
Well it's one great big universe
But I've got my piece of the sky, yeah

Verse 2

Even though it's six in the morning,
I am wide awake
'Cause I'm leaving again,
Gonna take this old guitar and go
Gonna sing and tell You I love You,
Though I do not know Your name
And I'll try to explain all the things
That I need You to know


And I do believe what He said to be true
Well it's better to live for today
So I'll hit the road with this vagabond crew
And we'll sing this old song all the way

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