Help of a loving God
Love from the Maker of all good things
Life that is lived abundantly
Peace where the world has not
Joy that a Savior alone can bring
Hope that has come to set me free
Set me free
Set me free

So many questions too hard to know
Not any answers that make any sense
So many problems nowhere to go
Isn't there someone to cause it end?
I need the...


So many heartaches they're not hard to find
Not enough friends who will help on the way
So many hurting so little time
I need to tell them that I found the way
I found the...


I know that You can see me
You see for who I am
I know that You can make me
Make me a better man

And early in the morning
I'll sing my songs to You
And then in the evening my God
I'll look to You to show me what to do with my life

I will be free from the pain and free from the hurt
Free from the things that I don't understand
Free from my anger, free from my fear
Freedom is what I will find if I can
Only You can set me free


Set me free

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