The truly weak spread venom. The truly strong digest it.

Rotting from the inside, this agonized form resembles a man.
Scorn burst from the heart, rancor cracking ribs.
Coating it's recesses in toxins.

Base loathing within the loins seeps malice through its pores.
Ashing tissue, blackened with contempt.
Pestilent, corrosive to the touch
A blight on humanity.

Never must it speak.
Never must it bled.
It mustn't even breathe.

Rather than arming the mind with knowledge and awareness.
It wracks its gut with spite.
Damnable abomination.
A conscious contagion infecting mankind.

Trails of acid trill from addled sockets where tears and vision
Had once soothed and stirred the mind
A mortal ulcer, agent of progressive atrophy
Abetting and defining social regression.

Blie from its gaping maw
Spitting vain and groundless vengeance.
Hate-spawn, bearer of all discord.

Condone its actions or deny its impact and justify the unjustifiable.

Rather than bracing the heart with balance and serenity,
It wracks its gut with spite.
Damnable abomination,
A conscious contagion infecting mankind.

See it quarantined and torched lest every man, woman and childdie,
Defiled by a mass spread of venom.

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Written by: Andrew Gormley / Matt Fox. Isn't this right? Let us know.