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In The Mind And Marrow

Shai Hulud

But puncture the skin and fracture the bone,
The present pain insists we are mortal.
Brother, a hammer to the knees disarms even the unassailable.
As you live, with every stir and exhalation, you are subject to death.


Justify this perfect disconnection from humanity.
A sentient form of heart and bone,
Of warmth and thought, and still you break the body.
Judgement has failed in the dominant.-
Warm flesh beaten cold.
A bloodless husk lies one shade from physical death.
Now, justify this perfect disconnection from humanity.

All of mankind demands to understand what is in your heart,
And how the hands become detached from the mind.
Dear mortal, we call you to account for the deeds of savagery.
You will answer to the living world.

Alas, not an uttered word.
Brother, you are in error.


What fires the core...
What moves the mind...
What enables the man...

Cancer in the mind and marrow,
An unacceptable disorder of cruel decision and shrewd awareness.
The living world is burning to treat the affliction,
To rip out the cancer.
For dear life.


No defense will mend a broken bone.
No words are healing bleeding wounds.
Let yourself bleed if you are to let blood.

Brother, you are in error.

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Written by: Andrew Gormley / Matt Fox. Isn't this right? Let us know.