Photo of the artist Shai Hulud

The Bonds Of Those Who Have No Understanding Of Co

Shai Hulud

Death will end the weakness
I am a violent tendency sparked by the words of the world
An isolated integrity employing wisdom learned through the search for the truth
Searching to no avail
Those enlightened abandon hope for truth
Those enlightened trust no one
I've lived so openly and have been so naive to think that any man can be believed
I will pledge no alliegence to a defect and within this resistance
I am liberated
I repel the weakness and side strongly with virtue
I resist insincerity
I resist humanity
There is no person's promise that can not be broken
One more time
Only death will end the weakness
Anyone can comfort me with promises againi know
Wading through deceit and lies to end in the arms of mistrust
An embrace i've grow to despise
All are insincere

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