(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!

Shania Twain

Mind if i sit down?
Can i buy you a round?
Haven't I seen your face before
Are you new in town?

Is the same old line
Oh every time
Are you here alone?
Can i take you home?

Now every woman sees
With every pretty face
Oh there's a pair of lyin' eyes
And a set of keys
He says some´ll be a star
In the back seat of my car
Oh but baby slow down
You're gonna away too far

Let me make it clear to you, my dear, yeah...
If you're not in it for love
If you're not willin' to givin' all you got
If you're not in it for life, if you're not in it for love
Let me make it clear to you my dear, yeah
If you're not in it for love, i'm outta here

Babe, I can change your world
Make you a cover girl
Yeah you could be a beauty queen in a magazine
Now tell me, what's your sign?
Oh always the same old line
I'll be on number 409 if you'll change your mind


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