Henry took his suitcase
Threw a gun inside,
Drove his car down to Mexico
Those guys, he

He arrived before the sunset
Covered the sky
Had a smoke in a motel

In a dirty bedroom
Henry took his rest
The moon was dark, the night was clear
A nightmare froze his hands

When dawn came there to beat him
He was prepared
And hate was steal that morning

Henry, take care now
Remember your world boy
Please, don

Sweat all over his body
That morning it would shine
He started getting nervous
Patience in his eyes

So he washed his face with water
His soul with hot mescal
Soft and slowly loaded his gun...

Boy there you go now
Sliding down town
Feel the cold of your steel now
When heat is all around...

The sun is tunning the season
She smiles so gingerly,
Hour glass
Is beating the days so loud

At last he faced his fate
When he rings their bell
Quiet and still he stared at them,
He only saw himself

Empty and hollow he aimed at his phantom
Slowly closed his eyes
They opened wide and his destiny fired

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