Resurgent star, you rise with every second fade away
in each voice that´s drowning in (the) noise (of this world)
unheard by the father, unheard by the son

Prisoners of flesh they are
harvesting the grapes of indulgence
they´re lost, a dissonant reflection
oh will it ever end?

If I could save the world, I wouldn´t
I´d rather watch its carcass rust
that throne of lonelyness they sat me on will be their grave

Your gloomy halo, your crown of horns
burn brighter than the light neath thorns,
cause no one´s there to make things change
yeah no one´s there who cares

Don´t their eyes see the revolting horizon?
welcome to reality
being their saviour forever never
was me to be

Resurgent star, I leave the world to your defiling hands
may you shine for them for a while
Resurgent star, it´s you they chose
so why don´t you light them the way?

To hell...

Resurgent star

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