Of Ignorance and Irony

Sonic Reign

Do you feel that certain emptiness
The lack of a sense in the masterplan
The uncertainty that lurks behind every corner of your life
What a merciless feeling it is

Cold as ice
Feeding the big crack in you
Yeah humans demise
Bringing down the world

The belief in an image can heal the surface
A bait for the masses to calm them down
Those too simple to see the deeper gaps might be satisfied
The rest will find comfort
in the fact of having been martyrs of an unlightened age
.and face imbecile reactions

It is human´s ignorance and his obstinate efforts to survey it
That conjure up imminent hell
Enjoy the pure irony in being creator of your most feared place
And mock your idiocy, your hysteria, your influence

See the selfappointed elite
Nothing but a parasite that found its place among gregarious animals

The absolute absence of intelligence
Bold enough to grab for the small piece of might
that fell into human hands

Listen carefully to their words
Try to fit in your form
And claim your share
Ascend in position - descend in my eyes
The virus of progress infected earth

But will it ever bring progress in its true meaning?

Inhale the scorn
And pray this bitter creed
Unleash the beast upon this scenery bleak

Release the sworn
It must be down somewhere
In the heart of every broken man and woman

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