In Silence I observe

Sonic Reign

roads paved with dead seconds I walk
An ephemeral path that began in the dark
Strange way on which I found myself

Childrens´ laughter to my right
Unknown to grief

Just one in billions but nevertheless alone
Grey, optimized, pitiable tools
Created once - but revised now
Machines unable to perform resistance

Childrens´ laughter to be left
Unknown to grief
First loud then choked
As dictating hands grab

I wonder why they can´t see eachother
I scream aloud but I´m not heard
The picture fades in the distance anyhow
Like the reminiscence of an empty paradise they just disappear

Old and exhausted - abandoned and forgotten
One more consumed by a suicidal system
Thrown away, just like a broken toy
Just one in billions

Was that really me?

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