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Lantern in the Snow

Stonehill Randy

Distant voices draw you on
To the glow of the evensong
Call you back where you belong
A prayer for you, a gift for you

Leave your burdens and your cares
By the fire there's an empty chair
And old friends are waiting there
Just for you, a gift for you

Tonight, dark night
Without a star to guide you
Sweet child, lost child come home
We will watch, we will pray
Love will light your way
Gently like a lantern in the snow

A dreamer's song whispered in your ear
And you searched through the restless years
For the prize that was always here
Just for you, a gift for you
Through the wintery veil you cried
Let your memory be your guide
To the peace and the warmth inside
Just for you, a gift for you

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Written by: Randy Stonehill / Terry Taylor. Isn't this right? Let us know.