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Mr. Little in his paper boat
Sails the painted sea
Velvet curtains rise on cellophane skies
And the tiny town scenery

And the mayor and the duchess dance
To the music box serenade
While angels glide down the starlight promenade

The tinsel rain ends a seaside holiday
And the patrons sigh knowing life can be that way

Welcome to the wonderama (Come inside)
Welcome to the wonderama (Keep your eyes open wide)
It's never far from view
Hello welcome to the wonderama

In the spotlight is a silhouette
Of a dragon breathing fire
And the battle begins as the soldiers of tin
Brave the great high wire

By the morning all the world is saved
Through a noble sacrifice
They were all amazed
when the King laid down His life

The sweethearts kiss on the springtime wedding day
And the patrons sigh knowing love can be that way

Now the pauper and the millionaire
The servant and the queen
Each have their role in the miracle show
Til they play the final scene

Mr. Little in his paper boat
Waves a last farewell
And another child climbs upon the carrousel
The church bells ring when the old folks pass away
Though the patrons cry they know tears will end some day

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Written by: Randy Stonehill / Terry Taylor. Isn't this right? Let us know.