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Barbie Nation

Stonehill Randy

She was told when she was young
Ah - that blondes always have more fun
Lie lie lie dirty lie du du dumb

Perfect hair perfect waste
With a perfect prom queen smile upon her face
For everyone

But it's all right, it's okay
Now your self-respect is the only price you'll pay
It's okay, that's all right

You're the queen of the Barbie nation
Queen of the Barbie nation
Queen of the Barbie nation tonight
Tonight yeah

Romance books, magazines
T.V. shows and the movie screens
They lie lie lie dirty lies empty dreams
It's a shame you bowed down
To the deity of Helen Gurley Brown
So obscene

It's all right, it's okay
Just don't forget you're always on display
It's okay, that's alright

You're sexy and driven and doomed to succeed
You'll get what you want but it's nothing you need
And echoed in the heartache you conceal
Is something good, something real

She was told that in the end
Every Barbie gets her Ken
Lie lie lie no such guy just pretend
We pull the strings, wind the doll
We create the myth that she can have it all
It's a sin

But it's all right, it's okay
Though your dignity is all that's left to trade
It's okay, that's all right

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Written by: Randy Stonehill / Terry Taylor. Isn't this right? Let us know.