All my life I been waiting here for you
A special kind of boy that make my dreams come true
I never thought that I could ever find someone
That boy would never come
But then one day you came into my life
And when I felt your kiss and new that it was right
You know it had to be it was destiny
Anyone can see that I was meant to love you
Boy it's you and me you
Re my estiny no one can deny that you are mine
Until the end of time holding hand and walking thru the park
Watching the us n go down
And kissing the I dark
Those were the special thigs I thoght I would never do
My heart was empty before I met you
But now your'e mine and loneliness is gone
You give me all I need you help me carry on

You light my darkest day
When we're together
Our love is here to stay
You and me forever

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