You were one of a kind
So sexy and fine
Just like a prince from a storybook
You faded my mind then thru me alive
And ever since by you've had me hooked
You said from the start if we were ever apart
That you'd be thinking of me
Are you wasting my time
Just feeding me lines
Or do you really love

Pleasure and pain
I'm going insane but I love the things you do cuz pleasure and pain are one in the same when it comes to loving you

How long will this last
Is the question I ask
Yo treat me so cruel but you're my best friend
You said In the past
That other won't last
I feel like a fool
When will the madness end
I never could hide the way you touched me inside would always leave me sighing
I never knew that you would be so untrue and leave me crying
I've opened my eyes now baby I realize
That you should never waste love
You treated me bad and now I'm dissing you back so can get a taste of

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