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Don't Lose Your Head

Tamara Stewart

Wake up, gunshots in the city

Hustlers on the corner, gonna get more grizzly

Gunshots, young stunna got caught up

Clock big numbers, too bad got started

Stunt now, you gonna pay later

Big booty girl, that's a black mans savior

Swervin', hit the block and we curbin'

Roll real slow through the cut like a surgeon

Turf chick, smurf it, give you work quick

Get caught sippin', get sick is it worth it?

Hell nah, but the job fill timers

Got a good girl in my eyes she's the flyest

Can't sleep, streets stay heated

Ghetto connoisseur, i know you see it

Posted, while my cousins gettin' toasted

Got a big beat so fat you can smoke it.

[Dont Loose Your Head lyrics on


Don't- d- don't lose ya

Dont lose your head (x9)

Little homie whatchu gonna do wit your


you wanna hustle but you aint doin it right

Thug to the end just dunno why

even if your wrong you know im gonna ride

in the streets

with the killas and the creeps

you dont wanna learn but i still wanna


I told you, laced in beats

cuz all you ever do is chase them freaks

Lil town girl,

never been around the world

gave her that pill

now your lickin on her pearl

Ill be right out keep em all syched out

in the back room f*ckin with the lights out

dont do it


Don't- d- don't lose ya

Dont lose your head (x9)

Ay, skyscrapers, high from the vapors

See us drop by, ain't no way it's gonna shake us

Earthquake us, shittin on the rictuhh

Party at the crub bring a friend her her sister

Cruise by, homie dose amp live

D-U-S-T in the back, lets ride

Dipped in the caddy, stuntin' like my daddy

Slouch real low, buds fall out the baggy

Yo in a circle, pullin' on purple

Flow to the show, although no rehersal

Got stress? better let that rest

D-Boys get annoyed leave a VOID on your chest

Yes, all bad when you act too good

roll with the punches i think you should

get smart, we'd rather go dumb

Big mase in your face make your brain go numb.


Don't- d- don't lose ya

Dont lose your head (x9)

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