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It's a brave new world

This generation faces 2012 and the war between god and hell

And we're still sent to rot in jails

We're in a post-revelation era attempts to stop it failed

A serpent smiles from behind the veil

Streets are ready for a revolution

That's why my rhymes prevail

I'm in a city where the lions dwell

Roam in packs like sickdogs but most of 'em die in cells

Real gangbanging lived in the 90's

Most kids now don't even know why the fuck they're fighting

It's end of days music you don't know why you're dying

I bring a warning to the streets with these songs I'm writing

Still destroy each other nightly

I don't think they understand what is that we put in writing

Bodies still dropped by lighting in this never

Ending war we fighting everybody dying

I keep on having little dreams of mine

Where I survive and no one else alive

I walk alone where the shadows dwell but

Their hearts are crying trapped in these

Streets of mine where the enemy's still the swine

I realize what it is but what it do the truth could

Change me and the rest of the troops

Together ain't know way we could lose we taking aim

Preparing man for the end of the king I hope

You know what I mean...


Even when you die time don't stand still

Surviving this, the only reason man kills

This is prophecy not philosophy

Annihilation of human kind is haunting me

I used to chase dreams now it's 2012 a.d.

When the gods wipe the slate clean

This is prophecy not philosophy

Annihilation of human kind is haunting me

We're living in the last days

I'm trying to survive the man-snakes

Open your third-eye homie join the masked race

They're sucking the blood from earth at a fast pace

And come in the name of god but they lack grace

We wear a cross with jesus hanging

When the homies give their life up for us

In the streets banging

I know some good people that died for a cause

I should put 'em on my neck where I wear the cross

Religion killed the spirit now we're god-fearing

We're either blind or we act like we don't hear it

I told you before beware of the false prophets

The plan will finish us all if we don't stop it

Most of us know what they plot soon the military's gonna be the cops they call us l.a.'s hezbollah on the block

I welcome this new world government shit

I accept chips stacked sick but not them micro kids

Man I'm a psycho my life's a cycle of past generation

Incarcerations makes life so ice cold phones been tapped always under surveillance I utter enslavement

For strange days await the faceless.

If we willing we would stop the killing we far from chillin

But really holmes check at the end who's winning

At last maybe that day will come but until then all

I see is pain for some


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