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Land Of Shadows

Tamara Stewart

I always wondered what death would be like

Especially when duke died and came back

And said he didn't see light

Was that a glimpse into eternal sleep? no afterlife?

Or promise of hell? the mystery as dark as the night

All signs told me my days were numbered walking the earth

And I'd go out just as bloody as I did on my birth

My mother in pain she's still alive feeling the hurt

But my agony died with me when the weaponry burst

Was it my destiny to lead a caravan in a hearse?

I always thought I'd lead revolutionary victory first

But my enemy caught me slipping and dealt me the curse

Now all my mind could think about is this verse


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I can't sleep like I'm battling meth

The reaper creeps while I'm gasping for breath

I ask the lord to forgive me for debt

When death comes and my soul leaves my body to rest

No angels on my arrival and no light either

This might be the end of the road where life leaves you

Athiest prophecy looking likely firm non-believers

Faith is their robbery loot

Religion cashing out on the dreamers

In the corner of this room I'm looking at my body

It's lifeless from a trife death with holes from a shotty

Most of my limbs rotting, cold? yeah probably

I'm tripping 'cause I'm in the middle of the spiritual

And physical parting

I wonder if this land of shadows is my purgatory

And wonder why if I was semi-righteous

Did my end have murder for me

When I was young, man, I heard this story

If you don't reach your mission in life

You get a second chance for glory

Is there revival for a common man?

Is that survival for the godly plan?

The bible blueprints the last stand

God and devil armageddon - blast gangs

I reincarnate reborn with a gasmask


I don't think I'm alive I know I died

Didn't survive the enemy gun fire

This ain't hell it's far from heaven

All I remember we was fighting

In the war of armageddon... now I'm

Stuck in a spiritual realm I don't think I'm going to

Either heaven or hell I'm being sent back so we

Can help and get it right this last time

We won't fail


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