And I left my friends on the park streets outside
Park Avenue
And I could have been much smarter than I am
And you said that could be true

You send me letters in the mail
That tell me what you're up to these days
You never leave a return address on any
But I think that's fine
It's alright
I'll find you in time

And I lost some important things along the way
And while I don't miss them I'm sure I will someday
But I'm proud of my friends
For the looks we get when we walk by
And I'm sure we'd blend in with the higher end
But you'd see we'd be a lie

I took the more important things to me
And left them on the streets outside
And if there still there in the morning then
That means they're all mine
It's alright
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
You darling little kids

Don't you care what you said or write
About the speakers and the light

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
And don't you care about it
And if you said what you meant right
They can't accuse you of lying
Well lie then

And when I found those things could not defend
I can promise you I won't lose them again
When I find the one that made me whole
I could tell by far far I'll be fine

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