Washed out all of the things you left outside my front step
And laid out under the headlight shining way down
And left out all of my favorite part of my favorite movie
And strolled out under the headlight shining the way it's flashing

And I messed up
Went and blew my luck on
On those late night drive-ins
And I say the best things when no one's listening in

And I do believe I must apologize for everything I said
If I made you think there was much more than anticipated
It seems that I am the pedigree of hospitality
And why's that I'm always three steps behind the weighing tree

Left out see what all you interest imply
I would wait five years if it means I could have that receipt in my hand
And if it means that why can't I see for myself
I could tell by your expression on your lips that you could have been bribed

Yeah that's right
But you're still six back in line
I could see that right now

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