You don't often say all bets are off,
And you can call me sir
Well they're shuttin all the lights off for the night,
And they're lockin all the doors
Just don't get all whiny and upset
And act like your world's just been blown apart.
Cos i didn't understand it then,
And certainly do not intend to start

And streamlined,
I thought that you could see,
I thought you did
And the way you said so eloquently,
Well now you didn't

Well i had in mind that you would do
The same thing to me that you did last time.
I met a man who said he knew some french,
And couldn't lie to me
I learned that (FRENCH WORDS)
And some things in between.
When i asked him what he meant,
His answer suddenly just wasn't half as clear
He said that everyone should help to conjugate your verbs,
And that's what we're all here

But when i opened my mouth up to speak,
Nothing came out
And the words i once said perfectly
Were now in doubt

So push it off -- you should understand
Cos i hate to be the bearer of the bad news
When the shit all hits the fan

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