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Understanding (In A Car Crash)


Splintered piece of glass
falls in the seat, and gets caught
these broken windows, open locks
reminders of the youth we lost
in trying so hard to look away from you
we followed white lines into the sunset
i crash my car everyday the same way
time to let this pass
(the time it takes, the time to let go)
time runs through our veins
(it starts and stops and starts and stops again)
we don't stand a chance in this threadbare time
(to take time to break the cycle)
staring at the setting sun, no reason to come back again
the twilight world in blue and white
the needle and the damage done
i don't want to feel this way forever:a dead letter marked returnto sender
the broken watch you gave me turns into a compass
it's two hands still point to the same time 12:03 our lastgoodbye
so push back the seats a little further
roll the windows down and take a breath
i can see the headlights coming
they paint the world in red and broken glass
the spinning hubcaps set the tempo for the music of a brokenwindow
when the lights are on and the cameras click
we open up the lens to broken glass and it's over in a flash
i'll never understand
understanding in a car crash

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