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Chambers Of The Starwatcher

Thy Serpent

[Music : Azhemin, Lyrics : T.Maensivu]

I am Starwatcher silver son of Moon
The crow's lightened wing and earth's son too
I make thunder trees and shape thine growing eyes
Wither thy loved ones I am the father of time

(In this blue chamber) Ye saw me storm
did thee pray while son of a Worm
Did thee not weep of vengeance, back then?
No, it was a feeble begging for what, who and when?

Ye could just have sat in a rock with thine skin
as a momentous figure of them
Fragile are thee to wait for a win
Thus a bone of mine looks inside of thine eager meat with a grin
hoping to gush out with joy
Glowly thee die with me inside

Like serpent I am to gleam, within thee I do always dream
And slither to thine soul as it seems; Mine shade is kindom of beings

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