Thou Bade Nothingness

Thy Serpent

[Music : S.Tenetz, Lyrics : T.Maensivu]

In times, when I fain of a season
itcs chill hold me wist, of an unknown reason
Greyness upon streams parlous and cool
Sheer the light which reflects from Plenilune

Ready to tale stars of wan, as both forwandered,
and loath the ways thee all ran astounded
So did thine glaive rust with wind and water
so terrified of fallow thee roamed to gutter

Perhaps the fragments of thine willing skin
saw no reflections of, what it called a bale king
Neither have Fall's shades descended to leaves
Of no nightbird's ashes belong to mine needs

Together a battle raged between moon,
likely the escorts of an velvect son.
One lode led to forhungered wood,
the frith were dark and thus thou run

As I see nothing but mere piece of meat,
trying to achieve as vision holds lack.
Hanging upon wold, not wist the made plead,
Twisting in gloam, this path fares not back...

Thus...Of no nightbird's ashes shall I devour.

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