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Only Dust Moves

Thy Serpent

Distress has found a dwelling place in me
Already pale as death but still I bleed
For promises have shown their fragility
Spare me your affection and pity

The world no longer is a joyfull dream
But a crystal with darksome glean about to fall
Soon be shattered one shared for every emotion dead
I will rather learn to enjoy misery than partake a
life of hypocrisy (2x)

Here I sit by the slowly dying candlelight
So I will drink with the shadows by my side
I flew with a wings of the dragonfly
Came down as the rain foured out, out of the sky

And stormwinds howled over the land
Snow covered the trees and ice the sand
No illusions remain silence conquers us all
Solitude the only reality

Only dust moves, set in motion a years ago
When there was still life in this world (2x)

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