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Anna Maria


This is a story about the worst kind of a women
The one you ain't got no business with
But for some reason
You still fuck around with

I met her in vegas late last may
We made love in the lexo the very first day
She's the kind of women that can take control of your mind
Stay tuned for what she did to mine

Anna Maria,Anna,Maria
I wish I never did meet her
Ya hooked from the first time you see her
She's the baddest girl
Anna maria,Anna,Maria
Tells you how much she needs you
Makes you think what you feel
Next thing you know you done slipped up with Anna Maria

We was all wrapped up in blank sheets in my bed (in my bed)
Sayin how she loved me she'd always be there
She walks through the casino can't help but to turn heads
She's 6 feet tall with a split through the top of her legs


She never wears no underwear
Thats easy access baby
So she can pull me back in there
She had me goin
Leavin work and losin my friends (all my friends)
I met her ex boyfriend last week
The did the same damn thing to him
They call her...

(Chorus 3x)

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