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(yeah yeah oh oh yeah yeah)

(Shade Sheist verse 1)
yo i'm used to fine hoes
5 at a time hoes
top of the line make you do a double take hoes
hit the light show
chill and watch how the birds on a prowl
eazy find me in the crowd
spot the watch gray
and they see the ice rite
peep the keychain on the drop
nice right
and i know what the want give me some get it hun
cause i hear it all the time shady get me get me one
so from ashy to flashy i service the life
and make them my wife but keep the warranty on the side
cause aint no pin-ups with prenups ya keep what ya got
cause if we split up we splittin a half of the rocks
cause you'll be lucky if ya leave with both of ya socks
and dont be tryin to file abuse cause im cool with the cops
press your luck fuckin with shade
and i'll be singin out like tq with bye bye baby

(TQ chorus)
do you wanna
i got this feelin tell me if i'm right
are you the one i'm gonna take home tonight
if you wanna bounce rock roll with this
i gotta warn you miss we like gangsta shit
if ya aint with it then stay here trick
cause your homegirl is tight
tell me do you wanna

(Shade Sheist verse 2)
yo i'm known to snag birds with little to no words
get em duckin in the truck, before they know what occurred
hit my where i wanna be skytel alert to gettin em very messy inthe spot
where it hurts
fuckin up affaris for chickens with long hair
and long legs with ginseng mouths for long hair with pretty eyesabove
big titties and trim thighs, who like them slim guys that rap andstay high
them niggas who extend heads out expeds them real perverted
niggas mackin out the club med, who spit the kinda shit thatother niggas
never said to get
the kind of bitches that would love to break beds nigga


(Shade Sheist Verse 3)
Yo if you still snatch Dames then we in the same game
TQ Shade Sheist you can add your own name
see how many birds like your baby ree chain
when you step up in the club with a fist ful of dubs and youbuy
the whole bar for a price of a car
wont you see how many birds flock just to see the star
cuz the worlds his now
like that nigga with the scar when he makes his movies now
got it locked like a czar

(Chorus 2x)

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