Don Breezio (interlude)


Don: Whassup playboy
TQ: whassup Don Breezio
don: just chillin man, you out there crackin it alright
TQ; tryin to do my thing ya know

Don: thats right, y'know what i'm saying, make sure you watch your back man (yeah yeah) be out there making that money, know what i'm sayin want you to keep on getting bread on your table, y'know (yeah yeah) You know what I'am saying there's a gang of little breezies out there trying to like, you know what I'm saying, sly up underneath you, You know I'm saying, make sure, you know I'm saying, you readin 'em and checkin 'em before they get through the frontdoor. you know what I'am saying.

TQ: Sure
Don: As long as you making that money. Make that money play boy
TQ: Yeah

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