...And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around


Take me home
Take me home, it's the one place I can rest in peace
Turned off my phone
So many messages I wish I could just delete
Questioning my existence (existence)
Questioning my decisions (decisions)
Burning down all the bridges (bridges)
Dig a moat, now I'm finished
Sorry, don't want you to visit, no

One last pic and I'll be gone
Make it count, put the flash on
Never really felt like I belonged
So I'll be on my way and I won't be long
I'll be dead by dawn
I'll be dead by dawn
I'll be dead by dawn
I'll be dead by dawn

Scrolling through my texts
Shit I left unread
Never tryna deal with that
There's bliss up in my ignorance
Ten dope dealers
Ex want me to see her
Can't trust her, don't believe her
Reply, turnin' to a needle, yeah
Don't wanna do it again
Got shit I'm not tryna relive
Head fucked up and I'm sick
These old habits will kill me quick

Quicker than I can blink
Quicker than I could think
Lift me up, don't want to sink
Pour me up, I need a drink
What the fuck do I do
When sabotage is all I know? Oh
I done dug myself
My own grave in this hole, oh, more
Kill me slow, slow
Curtains closed low
Fuck, I don't see what's the point of going on, no

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Written by: Aristos Petrou / Scott Arceneaux Jr.. Isn't this right? Let us know.