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Clyde (I Hope At Least One Of My Ex-girlfiends Hears This)


Trying to get on my pimp shit
But I'm stuck on my dirty tip
So I fuck an ugly bitch
All the pretty hoes ditch
Yeah they know it’s no myth
I'm at large, I'm a sad sap trying out feeling good
All these cunts with a fat ass talking about my nut
Got the last laugh hopefully as long as the last laugh
Grey flags so your death mask half cocked
Shawty blast so these hands pop gats with the blast
At last the moment has passed
I got a gash in my thick skull
Throw me in the trash call for a pick up
Death over bitches all because of Krystal
Blood spilling in my motherfucking pimp cup
Used to love the bitch, now she sucking other dicks
So I cut my fucking wrists
Feel like a puddle of piss
$Uicide, death of me who gives a fuck
No one

$Licky got the motherfucking pedigree
But generally, all my ex- hoes become my enemies
And my next hoes will deal with jealousy
From a couple chickenheads, Tori and Sophie
Couple of them bitches that ain’t important
If pussy curving was a sport they'd call me Jordan
With my endorsement remaining dormant
When it come to these bitches that play informant
All the girls I done fucked with got kids or ex-husbands
They junkies or strippers but hey I'm not judging
Don't fuck with a hippy bitch, fuck with a skinny bitch
Fuck with a needy bitch, fuck with a greedy bitch
Nah I can't do that shit
Too much energy, energy spent unsuccessfully
Oh please just let me be one of your memories

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